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Nutrition ID was created as a combination of passion for nutrition and sports, and enthusiasm for the results achieved through their combination.

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Individual nutrition, tailored to your lifestyle and personal goals, helps to achieve the ideal body shape, maximizes sports performance and has a positive effect on long-term health.

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I am so happy with my diet plan. It surprised me how much you can actually eat when everything is well balanced, that you don't have to give up anything (not even sweets!) and you are still losing fat and making your body feel great! I really am full of energy every day!

Maks Barišić

Calcio Catania

Ivona, I'm glad we worked on my eating habits together in Dinamo. Working with you has helped me to be aware of how I need to feed myself back then and in the future. Your advice has helped me a lot in my professional career and in my private life. Thank you for everything!

El Arabi Hilal Soudani

Nottingham Forrest FC, Algerian national football team

Ivona has incredible approach to young athletes. Her extraordinary ability to understand the needs and desires of athletes enables athletes to progress and achieve better results during the competitive season.

Danijel Bursać

Taekwondo Club Čigra, Vice President

I am a national team player for 7 years and my best place is 2 times 5th place in the World Cup (2012,2014) and this year 5th place in the European Championship and 8th place in the World Cup. In wrestling, proper nutrition is very important as one must always keep an eye on the weight, whether it is weight loss or weight gain. Ivona gave me a lot of advice and tips on how to keep an eye on the pounds, as well as how to train more effectively and recover better from strenuous workouts.

Filip Šačić

Sesvetski Kraljevec Wrestlinng Club, Croatian national wrestling team

It's amazing how much body composition, nutrition quality and proper hydration affect endurance, fatigue delay and recovery speed, especially with a heavy match schedule! Ivona, thank you for all you have taught me!

Marcelo Brozović

FC Inter Milan, Croatian football national tem


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